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We are WhisperMeta, a worthwhile platform for daily innovative, educational, and business-driven content that feeds IT enthusiasts’ competence, skills, experience, and passion. We extend our platform for contributors to give our audience news, trends, and industry-specific knowledge about tech, sports, travel, health, etc. Why don’t you consider to write for us if any of the mentioned niches excite you?

Do you Want to Submit a Guest Post?

Despite having an immaculate crew of writers, we always welcome fresh ideas for our platform’s growth. We have a writers’ team who remain busy doing in-depth technical analyses of every industry. Our team generates content that helps industry leaders benefit from our practical expertise. We offer a platform where professionals from several industries can write for us and share their knowledge and fresh views with our readers.

We intend to use our contributor platform as part of WhisperMeta’s mission to build communities. Experts from various industries who want to write for us frequently and want to build a relationship with PR brokers are welcomed. We set the bar high and only accept submissions from outstanding authors with solid credentials and industry authority.

Incentives to Write for Us

Guest blogging is undeniably an ideal way to grow as a writer and marketer. If you have a startup or are already running a large-scale corporation, guest blogging is a perfect way to get help. You can give your business a much-needed lift through guest blogging in the following ways:

Enhanced Quality Traffic

Bloggers notice a massive increase in online traffic that comes to their websites via guest blogging.

Increased Subscribers List

One of the most intriguing aspects of guest blogging is the subscribers. You are much more likely to increase your subscriber count through guest posting or blogging than any other method.

Improved Website and Search Engine Metrics

With credible content over a consistent period, your website can earn a better ranking on Google without investing significant time in SEO tactics or buying tons of backlinks.

You Can Skyrocket Your Online Influence

Guest posting on other blogs feeds your readers’ brains and enhances your perception as a business.

Write For Us

Sincerity dictates that writing for WhisperMeta will be exciting. We want your blogs to be the best they can be, and to help you achieve this; we are here. After submitting your article on our write for us page, our staff will provide detailed feedback and, if necessary, may request revisions.

What do you stand to gain? Your writing work has a great chance of being discovered because thousands of peers, including potential customers, publishers, and employers, read our blog. The whole experience of a contributor also includes future learning that will be fruitful thanks to an excellent platform that enables exchanging thoughts and experiences.

What We Want

You can send a rough copy, a partial manuscript, or a pitch that outlines what you want to write for us. We would also want to know why it would be necessary for our readers to assist us in looking into your interests. Your guest blogging submission’s volume will be closely correlated with our feedback. Make sure to include an article outline as well to ensure that. We stick to the original content and never publish anything already published online.

Our Content:

Our audience’s taste drives our platform. We value content quality, facts, and authenticity.


Our audience is informative in our mentioned niches. Thus, our purpose is to give them a fresh and fruitful piece of information that they can apply in their business.

Our Tone:

We welcome a professional but engaging voice that supports the flow of our blogging style. A tone that sounds interesting, bold, and human-like will work best.

Key Consideration Regarding Guest Post Submissions

We favor blog entries that are based on factual reporting and analysis. A thesis or convincing argument is strongly advised instead of a collection of easy-to-implement suggestions and tactics.

  • We have several blog niches, and guest blogging submissions to any of them should be between 600 and 800 words. For feature articles, we require at least 800 words. When doing original reporting, we advise you to first pitch the editor your ideas before writing for us.
  • If you attach the entire article, send it in MS Word only.
  • You can use links only to acknowledge reliable, pertinent sources.
  • Due to the large volume of write for us submissions, our staff won’t get in touch with you unless we’re ready to publish your writing piece after approving your idea. If we don’t respond within ten business days, feel free to submit your blog to another website.
  • Remember that your target market will consist of SEO specialists, online marketers, tech aficionados, business entrepreneurs, and people similar to these.

Areas we’d like Guest Bloggers to Cover

If you are willing to contribute, the following are areas of content we accept;

  • Health
  • Tech (Technology)
  • VPN
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Gaming
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Movies
  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  • Business Growth
  • TV Shows
  • And much more
  • Digital Marketing
  • News

How to Send Your Guest Blogging Content

If you wish to work as our contributor and write for us, send your blog content to contact@whispermeta.com or fill the form on our contact us page.

Further Roadmap

Here’s what occurs after your document is successfully submitted:

  • Our editor will review your submission to see if it satisfies our guidelines. If so, the group will look through it and talk about it.
  • Everyone on the team will offer feedback, and the editor will reply with any required information.
  • Please send us the amended draft once you’ve addressed our suggestions. We will reevaluate it, and if we get OK with it, we will let you know.
  • Our editor will work directly with you on style, organization, and arguments after we say your piece is accepted.
  • We will set a publication date for your article after all modifications have been made and it is ready to go online.
  • As soon as we finalize the adjustments, we’ll get in touch with you to let you know when we will publish it. We cannot provide a specified publication date until the content is prepared to go live.