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10 Best Action Games to Have for an Action Packed Experience

Video games have taken over physical activities in recent times. It is not to debate as to whether which one of them is a better source of entertainment and learning for the people but yes, a vast population of the world loves to play video games, specially action games. In fact, approximately 2.5 billion people all around the world were active gamers in 2016.

Action games have proven to be the warp and woof of the gaming industry, especially in recent times. Action games are the most trending genre of the gaming industry. Over the past few years, action games stood on the top for their popularity and level of difficulty.

Well, if you want to know the top action games to play, then we did the hard work for you.

10 Best Action Games to Play


Ever assumed to be on an unknown planet, wearing costumes like superheroes and protecting humanity from dangers? Well, if that is what you fantasize then play this game. Anthem has proven to be one of the top action games of the year. Explore the world and paly through exciting and challenging missions to save the world.

  • Release Date: February 2019
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox ONE
  • Developer: Bioware
  • Price: $45 on Amazon


Imagine living in Montana, and you are the Sheriff’s Deputy who just entered the Hope County. On arriving, you came to know that doomsday cult has taken over all of the region. You are the one everyone is looking up to for protecting, and you have to protect the locals from the doomsday cult. While performing your duty, beware some of the locals will be on the side of cultists.

  • Release Date: March, 2018
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox ONE
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Price: $25 on Amazon


A mythology based, yet an action game. The story revolves around Kratos, who is a Spartan warrior and ended up killing his wife and his daughter. Kratos is now dealing with nightmares.

Fast forward, Kratos is now living with his son, Atreus and he wants to fulfill the last wish of his wife, and Kratos is struggling to keep his son while hiding his true self from him. You’ll surly enjoy this awesome action game.

  • Release Date: 20th April, 2018
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4
  • Developer: Santa Monica Studios
  • Price: $ 51.21 on Amazon


If you love what soldiers do, if you want to go to the field like one, then this game is for you. The very first part of the game was based on a certain true event. This game allows you to use your strategic skills and presence of mind and shoot down you enemies. In addition, you can also play online with your friends or simply against them in a battle.

  • Release Date: November 20th, 2018
  • Compatibility: PS4, Xbox ONE
  • Developer: Electronic Arts, EA Dice, Visceral games
  • Price:  $23.99 on Amazon


The game revolves around the character, Arthur Morgan, who has a strong position in a gang called Van Der Linde. The gang is on the verge of decline, and it has to face a lot of problems. If you are playing as Arthur Morgan, you will be exposed to different situations, tasks, missions, meeting guest characters and so on. Now, this game requires you to open up and think widely that how will you respond to a certain situation. You can also choose other characters to play with, if you do not want to be Arthur Morgan.

  • Release Date: 26th October, 2018
  • Compatibility: Xbox One, PS4
  • Developer: Rockstar Advanced
  • Price: $ 25.56 on Amazon


Everyone is well aware of one of the most popular Marvel superheroes, The Spider-Man. The story behind this is of a young boy who gets bitten by a spider and due to some reactions, he gets super powers. Every Marvel fan will love this guy and I’m sure you’d love to help Peter Parker glide through skyscrapers, knockout bad guys and swing with your spiderweb through New York City. It is one of the highest selling games of all time.

  •  Release Date: Sept 2018
  • Compatibility: PS4
  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Price: $ 19.99 on Amazon


If you are fascinated with demon hunting movies or TV shows, then this game is specially for you. The game allows a well-defined yet an interesting role play for the players that only convey the story in the best meaning possible but also keeps the player moving to what is next.

  • Release Date: March 2019.
  • Compatibility: PS4, Windows, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Price: $ 78.99 on Amazon


The game dates back to 431 BC, to an era of the fictional Peloponnesian war. You can choose a female or male character, Kassandra or Alexios respectively. The character is struggling to reunite the family. The family is struggling after the war.

The game plot is pretty interesting to play. Besides, it allows one to be more vigilant.

  • Release Date: October 2018
  • Compatibility: PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, MS Windows.
  • Developer: Ubisoft, Ubisoft Quebec, Ubisoft Singapore
  • Price: $16.99 on Amazon.


If you think that with some action, there has to be a world to explore, then you are at the right place. The character here Lara while trying to save the world from Mayaacopalypse explores different deadly areas. Do you think Lara will be able to protect the world? For the answer to this question, you just have to play this action game and see where it ends.

  • Release Date: Sep, 2018
  • Compatibility: PS4, XBOX ONE, Macintosh
  • Developer: Crystal Dynamics
  • Price: $ 28.14 on Amazon.


The game is based on a plot in which Washington DC is being captured by an enemy after a viral epidemic disease. The area’s agents, that is some of the citizens are trying to stop the enemy for taking over their beloved city. Sounds interesting right? Well, you will surely love the game’s graphics and detailing.

  • Release Date: March 2019
  • Compatibility: PC,PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections
  • Price:  $84.99 PS4 and $ 52.99 XBOX ONE.


Action games, being the most popular genre offer you so much diversity to choose from. From using your strategic and analytical skills to just holding up a weapon and aiming on a target that is dangerous for you really opens up your mind to broadens your horizon. So, which of the best action games mentioned above have you already played or plan on adding to your collection? Share your feedback in the comment’s section below.  

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